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A Day in the Nanny Life!

I’m often asked “what it is nannies do all day”. And I tell people, “I sit the kid in front of the TV and smoke cigarettes and drink whisky.”

. . . Had you there for a second, didn’t I? Haha.

No, I don’t do any of those things. In fact, I’ve decided to draw up a little schedule of my day with Glo-Worm so that you can see what I really do!

Okay, on a normal day, my day looks like this:

8:30: Wake up, take my vitamin, get a drink of something (juice or tea) and something small for breakfast.

9:00: Get dressed, brush teeth, tie up my hair and start getting ready to go to work

9:15: Call cab to take me to work, pack up computer and lunch in my backpack, wait for the cab.

9:30: Arrive at work. Say something nice to Glo-Worm’s mother, normally get told the baby is asleep (if not, I put her down for a nap after her mother leaves), and then creep around so that I don’t wake up Glo-Worm. I’ll set up my computer, check my blogs now, sometimes chat a little, sometimes eat the rest of my breakfast, sometimes clean up the kitchen and prepare bottles for the day.

10:30-11ish: Get the baby up, change her, feed her a bottle of homo milk (around 5ish ounces), and let her crawl around on the floor while I decide what we’re doing. Sometimes we stay in the house, sometimes we go out. I’m trying to get us out more because I find it’s more stimulating for Glo-Worm – and for me!

11:30: We’re either going to the Early Years Centre (a really great place that’s free and just for kids under the age of 5. Kids can play with toys, participate in group activities, and socialize!), mall, or park. I load her into the stroller and point out a lot of things on our way. Sometimes we stop at the community garden so she can touch and smell the flowers. Depending on her mood, we might stay out for an hour to two hours.

12:30-13:00: Feed Glo-Worm a prepared lunch. Sometimes I have to prepare her lunch myself, but not often. She eats most of it (she’s a big eater) and throws some of it on the floor, or smears it on herself. I normally sing her songs to keep her attention and sometimes hand feed her when she gets frustrated with trying to use a spoon or drink from her cup.

13:30: Wash her face and hands, change her diaper, and she plays a bit on the floor – sometimes in front of a 20-minute TV show, sometimes not – before I put her down for her afternoon nap. I’m cleaning up the kitchen and washing her highchair tray at this point.

14:00: If I’m lucky, she’s asleep 5 minutes after I leave. If it’s anything like yesterday, I am up with her for an hour trying to determine the source of her screaming. It’s normally teeth 😛 I prepare my own lunch, eat it and go on the Internet for a bit. This is Glo-Worm’s long nap, so I sometimes watch a TV show or read a book, too.

16:00ish: I get her up from her nap, change her, feed her a second bottle of homo milk, then let her crawl around on the floor while I decide if it’s worth going out for another walk or not. It’s normally really hot at this point and I’m normally tired, so we stay in, or go out on the porch where she can crawl around and we can wave to neighbours. Sometimes we do go out for another walk, but it’s a short one because of the heat. If it’s not hot, then I take her to the park or around the block. She likes people, so we wave at people.

17:30: Glo-Worm’s dad comes home. I give him a rundown of the day, she normally starts being wirey (I really have no idea why they’re so good all day and then scream their faces off when the parents come home!) and reaching back out for me, so I bolt out of there and walk the 10 minutes home.

18:00: I eat something small or I skip eating and take a nap. Still trying to get used to being “on” all day. I hope this stops soon. If I am babysitting in the evening, I travel to where I’m going. (This happens once or twice a week)

20:30: Get up, get dinner (order out or make it myself), and go on the Internet for a bit. Chat to a bunch of folks. Go on eBay. Sometimes I go to another babysitting job after I work, so sometimes I’m there instead of at home. I’m wrangling children at this point and trying to get them into bed.

22:00: Everyone is in bed if I’m babysitting and I’m watching a bit of TV, or if I’m home, I’m cleaning up around my house. I feed the cats, wash dishes, etc.

23:00: Take a shower and dry my hair, or I’m starting to come home from babysitting. In that case, my shower happens later at night.

24:00-2:00: Read, go on Internet, or go to bed, depending on how tired I am. I’m never in bed later than 2:00.

And then it all starts again the next day!

Other nannies might have different days than me. I’ve taken kids to classes, to school, helped with homework, and dealt with a lot of other issues. If there are siblings, a good part of my day is dedicated to breaking up fights. If it’s one kid, a lot of my day is trying to devise things to keep that child happy. A lot of park time figures in for older kids. I’m not a huge fan of the TV – only for when I’m trying to clean up or put a younger sibling to bed! And with babies, there’s more I don’t talk about – the cuddling, the helping to stand, the talking and listening to different music. It’s all in a day’s work!


Tell me what you think!

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