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Tips and Tricks for Getting Through The Day with a Baby

As you can see, I have a bit of a theme going on this week. But the more I hang out with Glo-Worm, the more I realize that I have to utilize many tips and tricks just to get through the day. Babies are almost like little bombs – they can go off at any minute and you can’t figure out why! I keep the peace by using a few of these tricks:

  • Changing time peace: Like most babies, Glo-Worm does not like to have her diaper changed. She twists and turns and screams when it comes time for this necessary activity to happen. I keep her calm by offering her a restricted or forbidden item, like the remote control, to hold and press buttons on. I’ve developed lightning-fast changing skills, so I’m able to get her clean and changed by the time she realizes what’s happening, and has lost interest in the forbidden toy I’ve given her! If she hasn’t lost interest, then I quickly switch out the forbidden item with something else interesting. This sometimes works with Diva and Footballer, too, but Footballer will not be distracted for anything. I have to resort to holding him down in order to change him!
  • The old switcheroo: Glo-Worm grabs a lot of things that she shouldn’t have. Sometimes, these things are dangerous, other times I just don’t want her to drool on them (like my iPhone, for instance). She gets very upset when I take these things away from her – so I make sure that I have a toy she hasn’t seen all day, or a non-dangerous, other new item like a spoon or a bowl, for her to grab and play with. Then I quickly hide the item I don’t want her to have! It works like a charm!
  • The stroller twist: Most days, Glo-Worm doesn’t mind going in her stroller. Some days, though, if she’s overtired or hungry or just busy, she doesn’t want to sit still for any length of time! I battle the stroller twist by tickling her tummy gently, which causes her to laugh and relax her back so that I can buckle her in safely. If she’s still upset after that, I give her a toy to hold or something to eat. This normally stops any other fussies.
  • “But I’m not tired!”: All babies, unless they are very tired, detest taking naps! Glo-Worm is no different, and she will twist, squirm and scream if she knows where we’re going (to her room, in her crib!). I find that letting her sit in my arms for a moment while I adjust her blanket or her blinds cuts down on the frantic and annoyed tantruming that she may display if I don’t give her a moment to get used to the fact that she does need a nap. She still cries when I put her in her crib, but it’s normally only for five minutes at the most. Most of the time, she’s asleep before I get downstairs!
  • Food fight!: Glo-Worm has recently discovered that one of my pet peeves is when she throws food on the floor. I find that I can combat this by pretending to eat her food! She has no time to think about throwing it on the floor – she’s too busy trying to get it into her mouth before I eat it! Sadly, this doesn’t work with vegetables, which she hates. I wish it did!

What are some of your tips and tricks with your little ones?


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