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A Change Will Do You Good

Ugh, Monday, Monday, Monday. Boring days here at Glo-Worm’s house, because our regular Early Years Centre is closed on Mondays and up until today, there was really nothing to do but go to the library (which is good for maybe an hour). Today, however, I decided to make the trek a little further to another EYC in the area that we hadn’t been to before. I’m trying to get Glo-Worm to drop her morning nap, and I felt like it would be a better idea to just get out of the house so that she wouldn’t crawl towards the stairs, whining piteously for me to carry her up and put her to bed!

We loaded up earlier than usual, and Glo-Worm looked confused, but interested. When we didn’t go the regular way to the EYC, she turned her body out of the stroller to stare in the usual direction, now completely confused. But we pushed on, and arrived at the new EYC on a leafy sidestreet, at an elementary school.

I wondered how Glo-Worm would deal with the change. She’s used to us trekking through our local mall (and sometimes stopping to shop). Now, we were surrounded by screaming, yelling, running kids at recess, and we had to go through a door into a half-lit hallway to get into the basement room, where the EYC’s program was taking place. And when we walked through the door, there was only one familiar face to her – everyone else was a teeming, crying mass of strangers, all ages, and all attitudes!

Glo-Worm seemed frightened at first, and clung to me as we sat down. But once she got engrossed in some toys, she seemed bright and happy in her new surroundings. She accepted a snack and participated heartily in circle time. However, she did come back more than usual to cling to me and suck her thumb, which is to be expected. The place is a lot bigger than our normal EYC, and had a lot more kids who were a lot louder! But I think she found comfort in the fact that circle time was the same, and that she knew one of the other little babies there. She certainly enjoyed playing with the new toys, and didn’t want to leave when it was time!

I think it’s a good way to look at life – Glo-Worm was apprehensive about the new surroundings, but found things that she really enjoyed about them and ended up branching out, away from me, to play with new toys and have new experiences. She never would crawl through a tube tunnel before, and now she happily crawled through three or four times without prompting. I know, myself, that I’m often worried about new experiences and how I’ll handle them. Often I don’t want to do the new thing at all, afraid I’ll look stupid or make a mistake.

I think next time I’ll look at Glo-Worm and her ability to adapt to change, and maybe take a leaf out of her book. After all, the familiar may be comfortable, but it’s the change that helps us grow.


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