Letter to Glo-Worm

Dear Glo-Worm,

It’s our last day together today. I’m going to go and pick you up from daycare in a few minutes, but first I wanted to express some thoughts to you.

I know that my words on the page aren’t the same as the sound of my voice, and that virtual hugs aren’t the same as cuddles. I know that there’s a chance we’ll see each other again after this, and there’s a chance that we’ll both go on with our lives. But I couldn’t say goodbye without writing you this letter – I hope you get to read it someday.

The one problem with looking after kids your age is their memories. You’ll forget about me in a couple of months. You won’t remember the sound of my voice, and you won’t remember the feel of my arms. But I hope you remember the things I tried to teach you. I hope you remember, even fuzzily, the walks in the stroller, the times we spent with our friends at the Early Years Centres, and the lazy afternoons on the porch, laughing and playing with your wagon. But I think the most special times to me were the times after your nap, when you were sleepy and cuddly, and we spent ten minutes talking and giggling and laughing while I snuggled you in my arms. Soon you’ll be too big for that – but I’ll remember that the best of all.

I’ve looked after many children, and lots of them have made imprints on my heart. You fall into this category – you’re a very special little girl. I hope you continue to shine, to bring your sunny, sweet personality to the new people you meet, to continue to grow and learn and change. You have a piece of my heart, and I’ll never forget you.

Thank you for the profound pleasure of getting to be your nanny.




2 thoughts on “Letter to Glo-Worm

  1. The heartbreak of a babysitter/nanny is a special kind. I never get used to saying goodbye. It’s so hard to know that you hold so many memories of the little ones’ lives that they can never know themselves. (p.s. I’m Molly & Jack’s other babysitter, followed your link from Sara’s blog).

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