I Remember

November 11, 1918 – the call of the Armistice rang out across the world. The “war to end all wars” was finally over, leaving a trail of dead in its wake.

Well, we haven’t stopped warring. And many people don’t think day to day of the freedoms we enjoy because soldiers gave up their lives as frequently as a few days ago. But this isn’t a post about that. This is a post of remembrance. It’s November 11. I’ll be bowing my head in prayer, thanks, and sorrow. I’ll be remembering the soldiers, the victims, the survivors of war. And I’ll be remembering simply because forgetting is scary to me.

To the Holocaust survivors – I remember.

To the survivors of the Japanese internment camps – I remember.

To the veterans of every war – I remember.

To the dead children of Europe – I remember.

To the boys who left their homes to fight for glory and never came back – I remember.

To the women in the munitions factories, the nurses, the volunteers and the war widows – I remember.

To the displaced persons who never saw their villages and cities intact again – I remember.

To those who lost their loved ones to war – I remember.

To the soldiers fighting in modern-day wars – I remember.

To all who died senselessly at another’s hands – I remember.

I remember. I wear the poppy proudly. I celebrate the freedoms you have won for us. I’m grateful for them . . . and for the soldiers that fight and keep the peace today, in all countries. And I pray for peace so that the wars will finally stop . . . forever.

November 11, 2012 – Lest we forget


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