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Rob Ford Is Out – For Now

I was up late last night, unable to sleep, so when I pried my eyes open this morning to blearily look at my phone, I was not expecting to see what I did. Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, was ousted from office today in an historical judgement that has all of Canada talking. It’s historic because these judgements aren’t handed down often. And because this mayor has singlehandedly been on a warpath to destroy my Toronto, the one I fell in love with when I moved here, for two years. He has been against immigrants, single parents, gay people, and anyone who isn’t rich and Conservative for his entire term.

But the war isn’t over yet. He’s not out yet. See, Rob Ford has been ordered to vacate his seat on Toronto City Council in 14 days, but he has the right of appeal. And appeal he will – he’s already said he plans to appeal AND run in the next city election. He has not been forbidden to run in any future elections because of this judgement.

The thing is, though, I’m still hopeful. This corrupt mayor has been taught a lesson – you can’t use the city to further your own interests. It represents more than that, too. A homophobic, racist, intolerant mayor has no place in a liberal city like Toronto. Someone who wants to destroy Toronto’s culture has no place here. We need a mayor who wants to preserve Toronto’s culture while improving it – and Rob Ford is not the man for the job.

He may be able to win on appeal. He may be able to get in the next election, but for now, Rob Ford, I hope you get the message.

Toronto doesn’t need a mayor like you. And we’re glad you’re out.


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