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Winter Carol: A Poem

This is a poem I wrote for a friend who needed something to read at a community event coming up. I wanted it to be inclusive of everyone’s beliefs, and the fact that this season is about dark and light, and waiting for the spring. 

This season of cold where flurries fly

We watch the snow fall, snow on snow

The streak of sun in rainbow sky

Water running through ice below.


The longest nights, the darkest days

The way we wait with bated breath

For gifts, for cards, for Christmas plays

For the trace of spring’s unsteady step.


And through the bleak of winter’s touch

We lie in wait for hope recurred

The songs of old that tell so much

Of soft replies, of gentle words.


Don’t despair in winter’s dark

We look for light to help us find

The hope that season’s greetings spark

Our own joy to lift our minds.


Only by light and hope can we pray

To come out of the dark and into the day.

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Winter scene

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