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My Snow Obsession

Anyone who knows me has listened to me complain for the last month and a half that Toronto has no snow. It’s been inordinately warm, almost apocalyptic (too soon? People still disappointed about the fact the world didn’t end?) – December temperatures anywhere from 5-10°C (approximately 40-50°F) and rainy – just like last winter, known as the “Winter That Never Came”. And I reconciled myself to not having any kind of a winter again this year, which depressed me.

I’m a big fan of seasonal temperatures being seasonal. I hate horribly hot weather in spring and fall. I don’t want spring-like temperatures in winter. I’m not a fan of heat – the only time I accept non-seasonal weather is in the summer, because it means I don’t have to run my air conditioner and that I can enjoy being outside. In December, I want it to look like a Christmas card. And today, I got that wish.

Like Rudolph, I have a red nose. And red cheeks. And red everything . . . I'll take it!
Like Rudolph, I have a red nose. And red cheeks. And red everything . . . I’ll take it!

I was complaining all day yesterday as my father drove me and my whining cats home to my hometown, 3 hours away. It was miserably raining and windy, and I told him sadly that I’d finally accepted we weren’t going to have a white Christmas at all. But a surprise winter storm blew in last night, and we now have about an inch of snow and cold temperatures. We may not have a white Christmas this year, and that’s fine, but I still got my snow! And so did Toronto, of course – the minute I left, it began snowing. Oh Murphy, how I love your law!

A Hipstamatic winter wonderland!
A Hipstamatic winter wonderland!

I braved the cold temperatures to go out and take photos of the pretty weather, so I’m sharing a few with you. I’m taking a break from nannying posts and social justice posts, and I’m just going to enjoy the season. Feel free to come along for the ride and enjoy the holidays!

Some kind of berries. They're pretty!
Some kind of berries. They’re pretty!

2 thoughts on “My Snow Obsession

  1. I love the snow! And I love this blog entry! Winter is one of those seasons that promises newness of life come the next season! I think because I love making snow angels! I maybe an adult, but I’m definitely a kid at heart. 😀

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