Blessed White Christmas

Despite the weather man’s advice to the contrary, we are having a lovely white Christmas here in my hometown, 3 hours from Toronto. It’s silent, still, glittering white . . . and I love it.

On days like this, I get to thinking about the wonderful people I am blessed to know in my life, most importantly the children. I really made a good choice becoming a nanny, sticking with those occasional babysitting dates that I did for friends over the years, expanding it out into a thriving business that has paid more than a few of my bills. But it’s not just the money I’m lucky to make – I’m lucky that I get to connect and love so many wonderful little lives. In no particular order, here are some people who made my life bright this year:

Kutti – to the little brown-eyed sprite who greets me with a smile and a “L is here! L is here!”, runs into my arms excitedly when she spots me on the street or when her mother and I go shopping and I’m paying for items at the cash, who loves to have fun and constantly is looking for the next awesome activity, thank you for teaching me that we’re all the same at heart – children looking for joy in life. Give your wonderful mother a hug for me, too, as without her, I think my life would be very dull.

Diva and Footballer – I’ve had the privilege of knowing these twin tornados since they were 3 weeks old. And every day, I learn something new. I hear Diva’s happy chatter as she points out things she can tell me the names of. I enjoy Footballer’s clinging hands around my neck and hair, and both children’s big smiles as I step through the door of their homes. And SaraBeth, their amazing mother, and her husband, have been the source of many laughs, enjoyable times, and hours of support when I was afraid I’d never work again, when I broke up with my girlfriend, and even just when I was feeling down. My nanny clients don’t just become jobs, they become friends. I am never more certain about that then when I am with this lovely family.

Glo-Worm: Oh, Glo-Worm. My clingy little wonderful girl whose four months with me brought constant joy, frustration, and learning, always learning. You can be a nanny for many years and never know just how certain children will affect you. Glo-Worm became someone that I looked forward to seeing every day. Someone who I could cuddle, spend long moments on the couch in front of the breezeless window, just hanging out and relaxing in the heat. I was privileged to help her learn and grow, and she taught me many things as well as causing me much frustration with her eating and sleeping. Now I am proud to be one of her favourite people, above almost any other – and I look forward to her clinging, hugging arms when I babysit and visit her family from time to time.

The Kraken: A quiet, intelligent, constantly thinking little lad, the Kraken taught me a little bit about different parenting styles and how you can just fall into them. He also taught me that you can truly enjoy spending time with someone younger than you, and feel stimulated by their presence. He’s constantly looking for more things to learn. He’s also cuddly and sweet, and has always welcomed me into his life with a shy smile and a calm demeanour. I have been practically pulled back from the brink by his mother and father many times, his mother especially, and I’m honoured to know their little family almost as well as I know my own.

I wish all of these people, and all of you, a very happy, joyful holiday. I hope everyone has been as blessed as I have been, to constantly meet people who improve me, who help me learn, and who take time out of their days to deal with my strangeness and anxiety. I am a better person for knowing everyone – and I look forward to years more of children who will help me become better.

I can only hope I do the same. Merry Christmas, everyone, and a Happy New Year!

Christmas tree!
Christmas tree!

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