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Nanny Confessions Round-Up

As some of you know,  I’m a contributor over at Be The Best Nanny Newsletter, and every Tuesday, I write a post about a specific “nanny confession”, which can comprise anything from little-known annoyances nannies may have or important things parents need to know about communicating with their nanny. Here are the last two weeks’ posts!

We Need To Make Our Own Mistakes talks about the problems that can arise when parents rush in “to save” a crying child from being allowed to cry with a nanny, therefore stopping the nanny from learning to comfort the child herself. This one garnered quite a few interesting responses, since it is a very emotional topic for parents!

Be Clear About How To Medicate Your Child is about allowing nannies to medicate children and giving them clear instructions on what you wish them to do with your sick child. I’ve had some parents forbid me outright to give their child any medication unless absolutely necessary, and I’ve had some parents give me carte blanche to use my best judgement.

So if you’re looking for me here today, I’m over at Be The Best Nanny Newsletter!


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