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Life In The World of Tooth Infections & Changing Seasons

I have crappy teeth. This is partly genetic, but it’s partly because I didn’t really heed my dentist ten years ago when she told me that if I didn’t floss regularly, I was going to have problems later, no matter how much mouthwash I used or how many times I brushed my teeth. Well, she was right, and the past week has been an exercise in trying to be patient and interview through hours of excruciating pain. I’m pretty much over my latest one (and on the fast track to getting my wisdom teeth pulled, the ones that are causing the problems right now), but I still can’t eat any food that requires a lot of chewing and hence, have lost about 10 lbs from eating soup, yogurt and applesauce for the past ten days – and nothing else.

But the seasons are starting to change again in Toronto, and despite the pain I’m in, I’ve really been enjoying the warmer weather. I’ve always liked nannying in the spring, partly because kids seem to wake up from being cooped up inside in the winter and there’s just so much to discover. I was out looking at the garden yesterday and some of my perennials are poking their heads up. We still might get another dump of snow before March is out, but this is amazing weather and definitely doing wonders for my mood.

I feel a lot more hopeful in the spring, though if you asked me, I’d tell you that my favourite season is autumn. With the time change, it’s been even nicer to walk home in the light in the evenings, instead in the freezing, windy pitch-black. I talk to a lot of parents and most of them hate Daylight Savings Time, but I really enjoy seeing the days grow longer and it staying light til 9:30 or 10 pm. I love taking long walks along the streets of Toronto and watching everyone at work in their gardens or getting ice cream from convenience stores, or just enjoying the weather.

Anyway, so that’s why I’ve been silent lately. I’m outside, and I’m on a million mgs of Advil and a full course of antibiotics, and I’m interviewing like crazy, and hoping that I get a job I really love soon.

And that my teeth finally stop aching. Because you know, a girl’s just not at her best when her mouth is ripping apart. Ask any of my friends who have dealt with my whining all week!

(And send buffalo chicken strips. Please. Oh, I miss food.)

Yep. All week.

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